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Appian provides training in performance management (RBM) in projects and programs. 

Training Products

bulletResults based Management
bulletProgram Design and Planning
bulletProgram Monitoring and Evaluation
bulletRBM and M&E Training Course Development
bulletGroup Facilitation
bulletEnglish and French Language Training


Appian designs and delivers training courses for clients in result-based management and performance measurement in the projects and programs.  Our training courses we use the client’s RBM tools and products such as logic models and performance measurement frameworks.

Appian provides training on Results based Management (RBM) in the management cycle.  Training modules include RBM and program design, planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.

Appian also provides training in group facilitation skills and techniques. Using these participatory, exploratory and consensus-oriented methods will improve decision-making, priority setting, visioning and design, planning, monitoring and assessment by groups, teams, stakeholders and participants.

Appian also provides English and French language training for individuals and small groups. Appian specializes in helping Canadian government employees meet bilingual requirements.

Appian has delivered training in Canada, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and other parts of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.





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