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Program Planning


Appian supports clients in long tern and annual program planning.


bulletStrategic Plans
bulletMulti-Year Program Plans
bulletProgram/Project Implementation Plans (PIP)
bulletAnnual Work Plans (AWP)
bulletMission Plans
bulletWork Planning
bulletProposals for Funding


Appian provides support to clients' planning processes.  We assist them in long-term and short term planning cycles and activities.  Appian designs planning processes, facilitates planning sessions, and acts as a planning coach to groups, teams and leaders.

Appian brings the performance measurement dimension to the planning process and product. Results based management (RBM) is a goal and change oriented approach to program management. At the planning stage, the RBM approach involves identifying expected results and performance indicators. 

Appian has supported clients in program design and project planning in Asia and the Caribbean, including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.



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